Ford Pro™ Telematics

It Works for Business

Our complimentary Ford Pro™ Telematics Essentials1 and subscription-based Ford Pro Telematics software2 are easy-to-use web applications that provide key insights to help you better manage your fleet.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Keep track of your drivers and their routes with our GPS-driven live maps and geofencing, so you can deliver real-time updates to customers awaiting the arrival of your goods or services.

Vehicle Health Alerts

Know, almost instantly, if a vehicle needs an oil change, if there's a recall, when a warning light comes on and more.

Driver Behavior Insights

Driver behavior insights put you in the passenger seat, delivering the kinds of observations-like harsh braking or acceleration and speeding-that can help monitor driver behavior, monitor fuel consumption and reduce unplanned maintenance.

Fuel Efficiency Analysis

Monitor fuel consumption and idling time, then identify ways to improve efficiency. It will even deliver data about how adding hybrid or all-electric vehicles to your fleet can help bolster your bottom line.

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